Explore Walker's Imaginarium

child enrichment center interior rendering of first floor

Walker's Imaginarium provides an innovative environment for patients and families to enjoy time together while in the hospital. A first-of-its kind program in our region, the project will provide a healing and engaging space for patients to thrive and find joy.

The 12,000 square foot center will be one of the largest and most comprehensive hospital-based child enrichment spaces in the country.

The Imaginarium will be designed with features for children of all ages, and their families, to enjoy. Age-appropriate exhibits will be designed to appeal to different age groups, including toddlers, school-age children, and teens and adolescents. Each age group, and children of all abilities, will have opportunities for enrichment and exploration when visiting the center.

The space will not only be for children staying in the hospital to enjoy, but will also be open to clinic patients, families visiting or staying on the Children's Hospital Campus, and will even host designated hours for members of the community.

Our why

Being in a hospital setting can be scary for any child. At Children's Hospital New Orleans, we believe that children learn and cope through play, and we aim to provide an experience where kids staying in the hospital can do just that - learn and express themselves.

Children with an emotional safe space have more positive healthcare experiences, allowing them to receive care that is centered around the child. Child enrichment has proven to lead to improved quality, outcomes, and patient and family experiences. We know that families also need a space to be together while experiencing a hospital stay. A long hospital stay can be hard on parents and siblings, and something as simple as a walk outside or place to step away and can provide a tremendous amount of respite.

By creating the Walker's Imaginarium, we will optimize the patient and the family’s ability to cope while navigating their healthcare experience and help create joyful moments for children and their families.